Sunday, November 20, 2005

Seaside echoes

I watched this sad movie sometime back(the name I can hardly recall); a true story about a Spanish man named Ramon Sampedro; a quadriplegic who had wanted to die for years and was finally euthanised with the help of some friends. He used to write, and I transcribed a poem of his which had been translated into english. I found it beautiful.

Out to sea
Out to sea and in the weightlessness of the deep
Where dreams come true
Two souls unite to fulfill a single wish
Your gaze and mine over and over
Like an echo repeating itself silently
Deeper and deeper
Beyond everything that is flesh and blood
But I always awaken
And I always wish for death
My lips forever entangling in your hair

Friday, November 11, 2005

Fade on forever

I woke up late,being tired
and rolled out the faded leaves of winter
obscene are the green tinges
which still hang on;a foetus love
an aborted childbirth.such mutation!
Love,love,love my bitter pill
antidoting the morphine sweetness
winds of gust and hate
the leaf trembles,quivers and slants.

To stand rapt at the nostalgia
of the fluttering flags of defeat,a paradox eh?
but so is the happy laughter of childhood
Thanksgiving meals included.
Inject in me the liquid of calmness
a coalblack syrup to make viscous
the emptiness
fleeting like a ghost-child.
crumbling dead leaf.
Smouldering edges of my name.
Ashes to ashes,dust to dust.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

O Heart! O pera!

It sleeps and wakes and sleeps again
the tune in my head
sounds whirls,in reclusive twirls
fast-paced;ticking of a Swiss watch.

Heavy armoured headiness
and the words come bolting out
You are so beautiful.My fragile angel.
lunar globes;charming and waif like.

The flicker of eyelids,pale and spacey

saucers in white nightsky
The veins of the sky,crimson and thin
only if you look; deep and closely.

And a thin smile surfaces,a hint
incompletes are profound operas,and sad.
There are no characters save one
and no audience;not even the one.