Sunday, October 12, 2008

what God wants

mind is the problem.To live effectively in the world there are certain skills which are important.And such skills are sadly not taught in schools and colleges.They make people put knowledge in their brains,just facts.Its not even like the old days( which i have only known by reading in books) where they taught plumbing or repairing cars or drilling wells for oil. Its so much better if the education system burns away the books and one learns by DOING and learning from a master who teaches by showing how to do things.All knowledge just gives a false sense of ego-learned from the books i.e.

Reading about life skills is better in a way.But maybe equally dangerous. I don't know. I just want to be not scared in facing the world.I act strong and no one comes to know that I am not really comfortable.Wanting 3rd world war to begin, and everyone being drafted into it. Looking for a major upheaval so that I start all over again.Such flights of fancy.Bad habits,from doing too much music i guess.

and the title has nothing to do with the content. Just a song i was hearing. Roger Waters.And I put the song just to die down the happy noises i hear,as some stupid blokes play badminton(what a stupid game anyways)

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I head into a boxing ring, unprepared, weak and without a protective helmet. I pick any random fighter with a will to defeat that son of a gun in less than a round.I move within his range, keeping my hands down and allow him to beat me mercilessly.The ref wants to stop the fight, but i think it was just a bad strategy on my part and I will do better next round.Besides, I dont wanna appear like a pussy.So while I am on the stool I think of being a lil more alert.And then I see this distraction, those announcer girls and i dont plan. Next round, and I am all ready to break his damn jaw. I walk right into his jabs and once again i keep my hands down.real men dont flinch you see. And then he delivers an uppercut.I fall down. KO.

Why the hell do i loose?