Monday, November 19, 2007

Talking Blues

I can't find any respite from my demons.Its tough to be crazy and act like normal.Sometimes the shields just give in and I'm exposed. Busted!

"we knew you were a little always on the edge you know,like you'd harm yourself or everyone around here"

~~but ...~~

"why are you silent? why dont you say something"

~~i want to.i dont know if I should~~

"you have so much talent.dont waste it like you are wasting.why dont you LIKE people.take interest in them..please"

~~..i want to.I try.i fail.~~

"you know what..screw you"

"fuck you too..leave me alone"

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

There There

"why do you think so much"

perched on the vantage view of aloofness,I can dismiss all extraneous trivialities with anger.Its not bitterness; its angst.But the results still are as random,flying off the trajectories into unknown spheres.who cares,I pluck one more standard thought-piece and put it neatly into the jigsaw.Satisfied now.

I feel the sense of rejection more acutely than my fellow earthlings.But it probably points to some longing for something more ethreal,at least more intelligent.It's tough to see slowness creating a rot inside each soul.Numbness is a faithful partner though who comes back everytime.Thank God,

"its better to burn,than to fade away