Monday, December 24, 2007

Into the far reaching afterworlds

The ripples are everywhere.In churches and in the stars.Million galaxies I have seen,in the eyes of a solitary soldier.Frangrances of which we can only dream of.And music which is so soft and so moving that you would want to embrace the trees and jump down the valleys.And yet the eyes are vacant.Looking into the limitless void for some vision which can redeem.The dreams to catch and lives to live.All in sepia.Discolored due to ancientness.Such words and the light feathered angles which dance round my head.Its such a gala time.The soft strands of her hair,and the cold afternoon glow on her cheekbones,the slight turn of the lips as I move my hands over hers.And then she flies,circling around the clocks with a twinkle in her eyes.The flower angel oh the flower angel.Sad? No.Just looking vacantly to the forests and the seas.My ship is calling.The angels and the demons await the captain to board.The soldiers are ready.The flags are flowing and the canons set.

They wont catch me and you.