Monday, April 16, 2007

The Unnamed feeling

It shall recover.And who in the turbid world of unknown looks past the shimmer of new and beautiful?.Must be archeologist of the relics or some pirate looking for the booty in the turbulent infinite oceans of gray.The splash of colors is too in-the-face againt the backdrop of black velvety curtain of blandness,and emptiness.The courage to look behind the curtain is rare because madness is hidden,a wild untamed beast,ready to pounce and shread the soul to pieces.And the lonliness of specialness is a burden more heavy than the weight of the world on the shoulders of Atlas.In the darkness of skies unlimited,thousand stars blink-soft,static and utterly desolte.The universe is so big.I am in awe.I fear.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Same old me

I am back.

I thought I wouldn't,but I am.And guess what,I haven't changed much.I thought I will,but I haven't.I still am the same schizoid,fucked up,misfit I always was.So fuck with positive thinking and fuck it all.My creative abilities have left me and I am shameless enough to admit that and still write.Such desperation!

I reckon something HAS changed in a way.I am sorry I jumped the gun when I thought that I was still the same loser I was.I can't handle my loneliness anymore.I used to earlier,now it makes me mad.Madder.

I wish for some kind of connection.You guys who used to read me,were my connection.I hope you guys don't leave me.Haha in a way you can't.cuz you aren't real.I love you unreal people.The real assholes are just too fucked up.

Welcome me back.