Monday, December 05, 2005

After forever

Age is killing life's magic. I don't want to look at life this way. Things fail to excite me now. It all comes down to such trivial, mundane denominators. The human-animalistic senses and subsequent urges: hunger - more food; thirst - more drink; tired - more sleep; cold - more shelter; libido - more sex. And these trivial senses become distorted and exacerbated thus leading to greed in the extreme and compelling people to do things like drugs, murder, rape, corporate whoring, prostitution in every imaginable sense of the word and cosmetic surgery. And the worst part is, I can understand it, but my empathy isn't empathy per se as it lacks the essential ingredient of compassion. And empathy, as far as my definition of it goes, is understanding with compassion. I understand the implications and the urges so well, but I simply feel sickened that others are reduced to these states. It's like, I want more from them all... From everyone. More than I could be. More, so much more than I am.