Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jesus Christ Pose

Such a beautiful thing a smile is.And happiness makes all of us Jesus-the forgiver.And I want to forgive everyone,including myself in this moment of happiness or at least the absense of sadness.The lightness gives me a high.I find that when I am happy,I don't turn into a social bird;infact outworldy i'm still as aloof as in the moments when I am not happy.But something intrinsic changes.A sense of peace comes upon,an inner quietness decends,which for sometime atleast takes the incessant chatter of the mind.How paradoxical life is,isn't it? I can appreciate these moments of rare silence more than most people who are usually more happy than me.I sit typing away at the keyboard and thinking of how great it is to be happy and at the same time how easy.The hope, which I usually have the habit of denouncing,suddenly seems to be my best friend.How confident one can be in the absoluteness of misery and at the evanescence of happiness.And how wrong.And no doubt Einstein was right about relativity of time.Misery is as fair-weather a friend as happiness,it's just that it seems to bear with us a lot more.Right now,as much as I'm enjoying my solitude,I wouldn't mind if some of you fellow bloggers were here.Including Saby.Infact this article I dedicate to him.He so wanted me to write something happy.So here I am.Jesus-the God.