Monday, September 25, 2006

Free flow

stop the catalystic baits for the avalance of disturbing mental projections which invade the mind-boat with pirate like precision.The ticking of the clock implodes inside--all sounds are dead,but the devilish ticking.fanless,prespiring and naked,a frightened animal wails.Who can take the barbs off the soft-skin butterfly wings of hope.In tatters and ugly.Thats a homecoming,we can do without.Stand united,and face the blades of warped space-time.Mute..we are mute.Oh beautiful irony!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In prayer(deformed)

How long must I let it all slip away

and not start building

my beautiful sand castle

The ocean waves would love

to kiss,and wrap

their watery legs around it

and dissolve it in an orgasm

How inconsequential it must feel

to be dissolved ;even in love

and to be one with the grandness

of the infinite sand,and waves

and the million stars gaze on it

in awe,this beautiful castle

stands(although deformed)

And someday you would destroy me too

and make me one in love

would you like to kiss me

and wrap your legs around me

merging yourself in my naked skin

and tranforming myself.

The force of violence of love

will destruct and construct

and someday the million stars

will gaze lovingly

and i'd die-- in worship

in reverance, in love(although deformed)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

soft foucs lens

Distant oh so distant are the memories

and vacant is the cold bed

no fire glows in the fire-caves

ashes--the mute spectator,smiles

The crumpled sheets

the endless spaces of a confined room

are lost in the streaks

of violent streaks of immobile rebellion

Nakedness of skin-beautiful goddess

stirs a dream

of the first derobement of a virgin soul

No Jesus to repent for thy sins

Welcome sweetheart--they call thou insanity

i found these flowers beautifully moving.Somehow I have tried my best to be spiritual.maybe somethings are not made for me.there still are too many gaping holes in my headspace and they scare me.I'll be okay someday though,i'm sure.