Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stupidity,superheroes and one struggling soul

How entrenched are we in this circle of life. The thought came to me suddenly on a Sunday morning. It wasn’t a precursor of some more thoughts of neither the same nature, nor a foundation for something grand and complexly philosophical. In fact the question just hung on its own. Alone and solitary and compelling an answer. But the question was rhetorical wasn’t it? And they have no answers; they just emerge from our cynicism and stand there, mocking us. I think one of the reasons this question came to me was the deep seated belief I have of life as it is versus life as it should be. I can’t just believe in life as it is, even though it’s a more pragmatic stance. I can be called an idealist and I think that all the creative work has been done by idealists, while the pragmatics just collected the fruits of the tree which the idealists planted. We are entrenched in this circle of life because we find that there are many forces which oppose our vision of life as it should be. There are various voices which makes us question our vision of ideal life. Such confusion! I have no respect for stupidity, ugliness and weakness. An ideal life will dispense of those life forms which show signs of the above trinity and it should. But it doesn’t. In fact the trinity is what is the norm and whatever is bright, beautiful and strong we call an exception. Life should be a celebration of living but it has made to be a load which we must carry with our eyes raised towards the other side- heaven or hell. We call the people who show life as super heroes and call mistakes and errors and weakness as ‘but its human’. What a sad way to see things, and how sad it is to live in a world which thinks of such things as virtues. How entrenched are we in this circle of life.