Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stupidity,superheroes and one struggling soul

How entrenched are we in this circle of life. The thought came to me suddenly on a Sunday morning. It wasn’t a precursor of some more thoughts of neither the same nature, nor a foundation for something grand and complexly philosophical. In fact the question just hung on its own. Alone and solitary and compelling an answer. But the question was rhetorical wasn’t it? And they have no answers; they just emerge from our cynicism and stand there, mocking us. I think one of the reasons this question came to me was the deep seated belief I have of life as it is versus life as it should be. I can’t just believe in life as it is, even though it’s a more pragmatic stance. I can be called an idealist and I think that all the creative work has been done by idealists, while the pragmatics just collected the fruits of the tree which the idealists planted. We are entrenched in this circle of life because we find that there are many forces which oppose our vision of life as it should be. There are various voices which makes us question our vision of ideal life. Such confusion! I have no respect for stupidity, ugliness and weakness. An ideal life will dispense of those life forms which show signs of the above trinity and it should. But it doesn’t. In fact the trinity is what is the norm and whatever is bright, beautiful and strong we call an exception. Life should be a celebration of living but it has made to be a load which we must carry with our eyes raised towards the other side- heaven or hell. We call the people who show life as super heroes and call mistakes and errors and weakness as ‘but its human’. What a sad way to see things, and how sad it is to live in a world which thinks of such things as virtues. How entrenched are we in this circle of life.


Anonymous said...


I used to be an bother you as a mousey back in the day. Got you all hot and bothered ;)

Anyhoo grown up since then and just so you know keshi is still the same. Fighting with other bloggers and then ranting on her blog..yada yada. Saby's blog is sadly hacked. Miss the old dingbat.

Hope you been keeping well.



Ashes said...

Anony_mouse_ofcourse-- real nice to see ya.*smiles* and you never really bothered me, to be honest.
and reckon somethings never change@keshi fighting and Saby hacked,now that's a misfortune really.
and yeah I have been keeping well.In fact i am new improved updation of my former self. ash version 7.0
and let the fellow mouses know if you can..ash is back

De.vile said...

Ugliness is a virtue, man. It is probably the only thing that makes most of us think

Welcome back, and saby is prowling as jimmy now.

Anonymous said...

Hiee Ashes,

The other mouseys got a life now. By which I mean, they are working in new jobs. So no time to bother silly bloggers like keshi.

On a personal note, I would like to apologize to you for my mousey comments in your earlier posts. Never quite understood how people can bare their soul on blogs. But I guess it is therapeutic.

I'll be a good mouse here on with a little bit of good natured jesting here and there ofcourse ;)

Mouses send their regards to you as well.


Ashes said...

de.vile--ugliness is too commonplace now and whoever wants to think.
and yay! Saby still alive

anonymous--aww now don't make me think you have gone newagey@apologize. you squeakers never did hurt me.keep coming back and make me feel at home here.

Anonymous said...

if only keshit had your sense of humour! She called me jobless gutter_boy. Laughed my arse off for days.

Will be back to mouse around in your next post...when is that gonna happen?

Anonymous said...

stoopid anoy mouses never die haan. u r again showing ur ugly face.

u think u can scare keshi?

keep dreaming in ur mouse breains lollll

Anonymous said...

Richaaaarrhhhddd Cranium you

Ashes said...

anonymous1--next post gonna happen soon,and gee mouses don't let go

anonymous2--some pro-keshi Vs grr-keshi group eh?


Anonymous said...

i am not pro-keshi you twit ashes. and it is none of your business if keshi does write whatever in her blog.

get a life for urself and teach the same to these mice lollll

gutter boys are always gutter boys. i am glad i had called you that lollll

Anonymous said...

keshi suckzzzzzz ra ra ra ra

she talks nautty nautty stuff haa

makes moi blush


Anonymous said...

are you J that keshi did not talky naughty with u?

go sulk u have not changed a bit


Anonymous said...

shaddap blaady phoool

Ashes said...

anonymous4-7--i got 13 comments on my post(the most i have got ever) and in that 7 from anony-mouses. I love the great unknown(s),but only so much.

Anonymous said...

oh mah goaawd are threat threat the mousies? jeebuz!

Anonymous said...

keshi should be here sooooonly.

kindly wait

ashes she gonna beat ur bum until it turns red, black and blue with a tinge of orange.

Anonymous said...

oh wait a minutez! I jusss had an orange..


Anonymous said...

hello, first time here

Jimmy said...

life as it is versus life as it should be ...

I agree

Jimmy said...

I will be back here every day
I love annony mouses

and Keshi bashers
and Saby lovers

Kinshar is hottt Ashes

Jimmy said...

my son tony is getting married on Feb 21, 2009 in Mumbai

all u guys are invited
especially annony mouses

mail me

Anonymous said...

is keshi invited?

Anonymous said...

is tony marrying a pony?

Anonymous said...

24th comment

Anonymous said...

all are invited including Keshi
no special invites to any one

but Ashes wont be allowed in alone
he has to get a girl
and share with me


Anonymous said...

can we share the pony too

Anonymous said...

this is a Goan wedding
goan style

u get to dance with the bride
except the first and last dance

if u dont smell

Anonymous said...

does pony like onions..

hope tony likes it too

Jimmy said...

Tony likes asses
u r an ass

Jimmy said...

I miss Minnie

Anonymous said...

u must see the brides mom
she is beautiful

she loves me

Jimmy said...

heyyyy guys
I got news
bad news

Pithaly died while blogging
a massive heart attack

visit my post for more details

Anonymous said...


Ashes said...

anonymouses--jeez you guys on acid?stop ranting here and write about ME-this is MY page

kin'shar--welcome,hope you like it here.

Jim--long time mate.and congrats for Tony's marriage.i send my wishes.and fuck get one for yerself.

ps to all--- if you don't got nothing to say then don't any nothing.

Jimmy said...

Come on Ashes
dont be cruel

Annony mouses have no home
only your blog and mine allow annony mouses

they like to chat to each other
not chat about u

u gott one helluva ego
what can they say about u?

how come that girl of yours dont visit?

Anonymous said...

SHUSHHH ashes.

Your posts are too complicating to read and understand.

Ranting is preferable.

We mouses have daily problems you know and would like to air it out here

Let us know if you are going to close the mousey comment option

We will pack our matchbox homes and take our cheese with us elsewhere

Anonymous said...

Vest said...
Hi dick head , stop putting stuff like this on my blog otherwise it will get scrubbed and be a waste of your time.vest.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bombay Fried Rat with fries. Also Mouse burgers wi...":

u must change k

k is too self centred
k cant take criticism

if u criticize like I and many others did
u r kicked out

k is narcissistic
posts too many pics of her

k is lost
she is neither Indian nor western

she wont kiss or have sex before marriage
like an Indian

but on her blog she is Western
and talks like a western liberated women

Indians have black listed her
all her indian friends have broken relations with her

no indian boy will marry her

September 11, 2008 12:57 AM
Post a Comment

Anonymous said...

k needs no smelly indian bois lollll

get a life u effer mouse

put dat tail between tiny ass of urz n get lost

ashes n saby, stop encouraging dese mouses. do i do it in my blog?

Jimmy said...

K sounds very like the K i used to no

dont be silly
not intimately

she is a virgin
I never do virgins

they are messy

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

my tail is caught between my legs and..

imma stukkkkk

Anonymous said...

effer mouse = mouse hoo lovez waferz

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Ashes
I will loan u Mathy, my cat

she loves raw meat

Anonymous said...

annony mouse said ...

Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming around Turnaround, Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears Turnaround, Every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by Turnaround,

Every now and then I get a little bit terrified and then I see the look in your eyes
Turnaround bright eyes, Every now and then I fall apart

Turnaround bright eyes,

- Minnie

Anonymous said...

minnie u twittah shaddappp

Anonymous said...

i wonder why k has so many pics of her on her blog?

jimmy has none

minnie has hers on

i miss pithaly n uttara of all

tony is having performance-anxiety problems

Anonymous said...

Pithy got caught cheating by wifefy.

a pity :(

Anonymous said...

day is going to be very lazy

will watch tv, eat and snooze


Anonymous said...

yeah you doofus

Anonymous said...

yeah you doofus

Anonymous said...

I lust
therefore I am

Anonymous said...

day busy

i will eat n drink n fart

tony is reading "how to please n make love to ur wife for dummies"


Anonymous said...

what is 'cotyledonz'


Anonymous said...


Tony is no dummy
I gave him OJT
(on the job training)
some call it sex education

- Tonys dad

Jimmy said...

what is 'cotyledonz'???

Anonymous said...


r u depressed?
where the fuck is u
your blog has bcome annony mouse blog

the best cure for depression
is love making

I repeat LOVE making
not fucking

Anonymous said...

fuck the mouses
Love your girl

Anonymous said...

all great works of art
is fuelled by Passion

the Lust for a man or woman
- Annony mouse

Anonymous said...

u may love her a lott
but unless u passionately love
(Lust) her,

u cannot participate in God's plan of creation
- Annony mouse

Anonymous said...


Am looking for VANCE

Anonymous said...

Tony needs viagara.

Anonymous said...

viagara needs Tony

Anonymous said...

I am hungry

I'll have some mozerella cheese

and some pepperoni

and some capscicum

and a nice cold bottle of coke

so hungry :(

Ashes said...

only if i were pied piper the mouses would be history.
ps- why the hell would you annoying-mouses leave huge spaces in yer comments.are you all on drugs?

Anonymous said...

ashes we mouseys christen you as sasha.


nice name no?

Anonymous said...

i wanna make passionate love with sashaaa

i am a good at 4play mousey

was an ex-port star in LA

tony was intern at my place

wanna see sasha in hot chaddi with rhinos on chaddi

horny rhinoes make me hornie

tony know dis too

Anonymous said...

vance had called me chamar

datz so racist

boo hoo hoo

sashaa called me junkie

datz so insulting

only jimmy knows how to treat us mouseys

we love to nibble jimmy with cheese


ps jimmy: u still luk handsum n handful

Anonymous said...

i luv goan style weddings

and the drunk goan woman in skirts

sum of them jimy's ex gfs n mistresses

goan woman are promiscious
they cheange men like they chage their skirts

i know, i been changed

i beat jimy 56-12 for dese women

~Just Me~ said...

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy....where do you find these psychos?

BTW, congrats on the upcoming wedding!!!

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