Saturday, September 13, 2008

Writers Block

What should I write? Writing is such a beautiful way to express oneself, ones thoughts and ones’ innermost core. Sometimes we don’t even know what our innermost core is. Sometimes we probably don’t want to know. Some fear, some guilt. Sometimes we write to express what we have read, the writing styles of people and sometimes we even take over feeling the same thing the author, which we read, experienced, without us really taking the pains to experience it. I find myself wondering what to write. I write stuff which is melancholy and sometimes profound. Am I writing stuff which I haven’t experienced? Am I as honest as I can be, and as original. Isn’t there a hint of Jim Morrison, a Kurt Cobain or some other person in my writing? I try my best to be original, but isn’t avoiding writing something which someone might have written about a kind of running away. A fear of comparison, perhaps. Or maybe a disgust at comparison.

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Anonymous said...

now we have to reach 60+ commments again.
doofus you gotta helpz

Anonymous said...

At 14 September 2008 14:18,
Mystique Wanderer said...

this has 'aunty' written all over do realize that half of your posts in the last one month have been 'venting out' posts...venting out is a good thing if u do it once in a while...if done repeatedly then dudette u need to really take a hard look at your life and where its going...

neways miss cribbaholic...i do hope u get out of your depressed state soon :)

Anonymous said...

September 2008 17:39, Keshi said...
Mystique Im not here to play Miss.Wife for everyone. I maybe an Aunti, Uncle, wutever u wanna call me...but u take a good look at ur own comments to ppl in their blogs. Atleast I dun JUDGE ppl the way u do.

Mebbe say something abt the post and not my personality? besides blogging is abt writing wut I feel like writing...not wut YOU wanna hear. U dun hv to NAME-CALL me for that. I dun appreciate that.

and Mystique, I dun hv to look at my life...mebbe u should take a good look at ur own self. Who taught to u to be so rude to ppl? Its so unclassy.


Anonymous said...

hee heee cribbaholic

Anonymous said...

yawdieeee yawwwwwwwwwwwww

Anonymous said...

i alwya heplz ya

sasha got no skills for writing

buggah talks bout writer bloke

only we mouses n jimmy can write man

- doofus-mouse

Anonymous said...

kehist talks bout unclassiness

she says"i never JUDge people like u do"

keeeees my mouse-ass n pinch me hard

i gonna die laughing

De.vile said...

How can that music give you writer's block?! It's inspirational to say the least.

And nothing's original, really. Writing by itself is copying/imitating anyways.

Anonymous said...

de-vile is a fakah too

she talks high n mighty

as a massaiah

prolly she needs a bright colored underwear

to make her less boring

Anonymous said...

bingoooo!! wht a brilliant pice of writin!! luuvved itt!! wonderful!

Anonymous said...


The stellar heights are intimidating and so are the sacred depths.A wishbone would be helpful.The dark secrets of the ancients always facinated me.Secret societies and their facinating rituals have an allure of their own.Either this or the simple cleanliness of machines.I love huge factories as much as i love ancient castle-relics.A walkdown in the factory of my dad when i was 7 is still vivid in my mind.The place looked so beautiful in the night,with sky high roofs and lines and lines of machines.The place that looked so dead in the night would be throbbing with sounds and click-clacks in the day,throwing out stories and predictions and encapsulations and all.The smell of the ink was beautiful and i wanted to hug everyone who invented any damn machine.A world inhabited with machines seemed a perfect utopia to me back then.I have grown more selfish has to be just me,me and me and the whole damn space.

Anonymous said...

Keshi said...
Love this one Ashes! So beautifully captured.

**A beautiful angel who is the keeper of all things broken and tattered and yet beautiful.

I can assure u thats so me! cos Im broken to the core yet I wanna be beautiful to others...



De.vile said...
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Ashes said...

anonymouses-- you haveta stop Keshi-bashing here,its getting boring really.

de.vile--not the music.its just my disposition maybe.and i am glad you found the music inspiring.

anonymouse who craps in pants--read Garfield, kiddo.this stuff is not for you.maybe ask yer daddy what it means.

Anonymous said...


from: GOD

all u guys tink
i dont exist

HA ! ... uno wat ?
i dont give a damn

but for God's sake ... err, i mean for my sake
stop glorifying despair, doom, death, demons, devils, and

the next time
if there is a next time
vote Mcain

Anonymous said...

ashes i already pooped in my pantz

i am still afraid of words like nihilism and melancholy u use in ur blog

i needd br cleaned now

u can wear a latex glow n ....

it (ur writing) still makes no sense

never did

why dont u instead write bour ur latex glow n my poop

garfield is witty n is full of humor n life

unlike melancholy

it is mellon collie u ass!!!

Anonymous said...

At 14 September 2008 14:18,
Mystique Wanderer said...

this has 'aunty' written all over do realize that half of your posts in the last one month have been 'venting out' posts...venting out is a good thing if u do it once in a while...if done repeatedly then dudette u need to really take a hard look at your life and where its going...

neways miss cribbaholic...i do hope u get out of your depressed state soon :)

Anonymous said...

bingooooo mouseeee where are ya man? this ashes got some josh in his voice. we need give him a wedgie before he finalizes on one more word like nihilism frm his oxford dick(stationary)

Anonymous said...

sasha, had ur lunch?

u welcome to share some cheese

some cheese have green mould gowing

we mouses r afraid that it gets to your head

and we are afraid that you will write more mellon-cholie blogs

o gawddddd tussi great ho
o gawddddd tussi great ho

Ashes said...

to anonymouseGod-shut the hell up will ya.gimme a Amen to that.

garfield lover anonymouse--did Daddy dearest read you garfield bedtime stories son?

oh and whats with this shasha thingy? seems green-mould is already working on yer pee.. err mousie brain.

ps: i will play with you mousies time and again when i have urges for something decadent.ya'll make great clowns

Anonymous said...

oooooooh gawwwwwwwwddd


Anonymous said...

i have a weakness for

angry young men like



- Minnie (hand maid mouse of Gawwwd)

Anonymous said...

The Sultry Touch Haiku

I undress for you

Watch me caress my lotus

We release in sync

Anonymous said...

Her: drunk and horny.

Me: eager for the threesome.

Until Bubba showed

Anonymous said...

Women crave friendship

The strong man gives it to her

Puts his trust in her

Anonymous said...

i'm a free bird,with wings clipped.

where is de birdie-poop?

Anonymous said...

ash makes himself an ass

but u got to give to him though

he is not like crazy K

he is generally cool

till de moon rises at 12 night n de howls are heard

Ashes said...

anonymous@Tue Sep 16, 01:02:00 AM--you know haikus?. stupid freaks aren't as stupid as you try to be.just like most people aren't as intelligent as they try to be.

anonmous@Wed Sep 17, 01:01:00 AM--the last line was a classic*laughs*.Most of what your gang writes is boring but then there are some funnymouses in yer tribe.even if your gang shows up in their non-anonymous form, i promise not to kill all of ya'll.but only the non-boring ones.

Anonymous said...

shuttt upppp u ass sashass
you don't try to charm me

itz other way round
i am hotter than sri devi in a yellow saree
drenched in rain and dancing

de-vile can never look like that
she has bad hair days 6 times a week

Anonymous said...

- Minnie (in a wet yellow saree)

Anonymous said...

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Rabbit said stocks were also under seasonal pressures, with September typically the worst month of the year for the major gauges.

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(Why the Fed pulled the trigger on AIG)

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Anonymous said...

i misssss diffy
ssssoooo baddd

- duffy-mouse

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK - The mother of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears says Jamie Lynn told her she was pregnant in a note.

Lynne Spears said on NBC's "Today" show Wednesday that Jamie Lynn — 16 years old at the time — handed her the note and told her to go into the bedroom and read it.

The note said she was pregnant but "everything was gonna be OK, mom" and that she and boyfriend Casey Aldridge were going to raise the baby.

"I thought it was a joke," Spears said in an interview. "... I kept waiting for the punch line."

Spears said she realized it wasn't a joke because Aldridge, a pipe-layer from Liberty, Miss., wouldn't look at her.

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Jamie Lynn, who starred in the Nickelodeon series "Zoey 101," announced her pregnancy last December. She and Aldridge welcomed daughter Maddie Briann in June. The couple are now engaged.

Lynne Spears said Britney is now back on track. The 26-year-old pop star recently picked up three awards at the MTV Video Music Awards in a recovery from her sluggish, performance at last year's event. She announced Monday that she'll release her new album, "Circus," on Dec. 2, her 27th birthday.

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