Sunday, September 21, 2008

God Bless the Awake

How small is fear, a small dot
Almost a small dot, in
The white consciousness of his life
Heartbeats stretching into an endless
Echoes of train in an empty tunnel
Of course he would like to erase
Some strange mistakes
Freedom from the trail, a quest
To greatness by the time he dies
Death of fear must follow first.
A tiny dot, nevertheless.


sandeip said...

greatness before death?thankfully not my opiate

Anonymous said...

i did not understand anything that has been written.

what about u sandeip?

Anonymous said...

keshi is back guyssssssssssssss

she said her lawn mower made her come backkk

wonder what that means

Anonymous said...

To greatness by the time he dies
Death of fear must follow first.
A tiny dot, nevertheless.

"death od fear must follow first"....yeh kya hain bhai? batao batao...

Anonymous said...

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On April 9, 2008, it was announced that Hannah Montana would return for a third season in 2008[2] and production started on August 4, 2008.[3]

Anonymous said...

Michael Poryes, who is credited as co-creator, also co-created the hit Disney Channel Original Series That's So Raven. The show is produced by It's a Laugh Productions, Inc., in association with Disney. It is filmed at Tribune Studios in Hollywood, California. The series premiere scored record ratings for Disney Channel: 5.4 million viewers, a response "beyond our wildest expectations," according to the president of Disney Channel Entertainment.[4]

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Anonymous said...

Aisi apni Wife ho
5'3" jiski height ho,
Jeans jiski tight ho,
Chehara jiska bright ho,
Weight mein thodi light Ho,
Umar me difference slight ho,
Thodi see wo quiet ho,
Aisi apni Wife ho....

Anonymous said...

Sadak per sab kahe kya cute ho,
Bhid me sab kahe "side ho, side ho"..
India ki paidaish ho,
Sas ki seva jiski khwahish ho
Aisi apni Wife ho...

Anonymous said...


i know whom u did last summer!!

- Minnie-mouse

Anonymous said...

i am back :)

Anonymous said...

i did not understand a word either of this post

sasha you have to be more simplistic, you blockhead :D

Anonymous said...

sadly, keshi is back too.

with or without a


Ashes said...

sandeip--after death maybe?

anonymouses-who-didn't-understand--read Garfield kiddos.or try this one
~~once there were mouses
who didnt have no houses
they liked to fuck around
eating cheese with green mould
why don't they show their faces?
maybe they are mental cases
so this poem will end
hope you clowns get the msg i send.~~

ps for anonymous@Mon Sep 22, 02:36:00 AM,Mon Sep 22, 02:37:00 AM: i really don't mind the funny banter but please don't paste news stories here.

Anonymous said...

Sasha I am not pasting those news stories. I find it verrrry annoying.

Weird that I find a news story annoying given the fact that am a mouse.


News mousie please STOP pasting news stories. Go to to read them.

Anonymous said...

henceforth i shall not post any hannah montana news stories as it is irritating fellow mouses.

i am extremely sorry for my behaviour and for the hurt that i have caused.

i just thought sasha is loe on current affairs and he is missing out on anything that goes around the world.

all ghastly deathy poems and no play make sasha a dull boi.

- News-mouse.

Anonymous said...

sasha fakes, he fakes his words

i fake too

just when jiimy thinks i am in climax

- Minnie-mouse

Anonymous said...

i laaaouve you newsie mouse

Anonymous said...

anonymouses-who-didn't-understand--read Garfield kiddos.or try this one
~~once there were mouses
who didnt have no houses
they liked to fuck around
eating cheese with green mould
why don't they show their faces?
maybe they are mental cases
so this poem will end
hope you clowns get the msg i send.~~

where are the clowns? and what is the msg?????

Anonymous said...

i laaav laaaaav u too, u laaaver of newsie-mouse

- newsie-mouse

Anonymous said...

do we love sasha too?

Anonymous said...

keshi's vocab includes:

spot on!

Anonymous said...

Sasha where are you. I am bored.

Anonymous said...

Mousies where are you. I am bored.


Anonymous said...

here no! i am here only!!

Anonymous said...

are you the little mouse?

Anonymous said...

this one mouse is so potty mouthed!
will kick your little mousey arse!

and quit mixing whiskey with daal!

you will get liver infection, fool

Rex Venom said...

Does your title have anything to do with Scott Pilgram?
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

u r making me squat in a corner

don't make me use bad words

u uncle-fukker!

(that was not for u mouse)

(that was not sandeip)

Anonymous said...

am sorry sandeip

i had too much of ghee

i am constipated

i hope u don't mind

i will never eat this mch ghee again.

doc told me not to eat cheese...

Anonymous said...

oh mouse, why did you eat cheese!

doc has advised you against it

please be mindful of what you eat and your health.

huggie wuggie


La_Surrealiste said...

it was nice stopping by and reading your work again..yes..god bless the awake..

Anonymous said...

la_sureal...why did you come back?

we don't want you

and your silly blabber of rum n russian novels

i want to read more bout the russian navels dogh

n i like fenny, not rum

u twit!!!

Anonymous said...

hee hee russina navels


ashes please write something for mouses. something that we'd understand and appreciated.

but please dont write about cheese. One of us is allergic to it.

Anonymous said...

hi, my name is raj and i am 22 years old only. this was 2 years back. i was doing my engineering and come home for vacation.

my parents went for a relatives wedding and i was alone at house. since i was the laadla beta, i never learnt to cook. so mommy made arrangemets with lata, our maid. lata was to cook for me 2 days till our parents come back home.

lata was in her early 20's n still single. she was well built and 5.5 tall. i can say waht a fighure she had! 36-28-36. n long hair which she tied in a pony tail.

she always wore syari n blose and they were tight on her.

{illyria} said...

everything starts from something small.

Anonymous said...

after small then what happens?

Anonymous said...

raj do you have webcam? I prefer visuals only then I can follow the story.


Anonymous said...

the devil girl is not visiting here anymore?

may be she cannot understand mousey lanugauge since its not shakesperan.Is that spelt right? I dunno.

Anonymous said...

no yaa, i haver no web cam. and i am not into voyeurism like you yaa.

hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

devilish gurl is cribbing and cribbing. i bet she would be reading all this and would be cribbing more.

for how long mate? how long? it has been 10 posts all about venting out.

even auntiez do not vent out like that. they at lelast have to get back to kitchens to make chapatis.

Ashes said...

Rex Venom--nah, infact i just checked what/who Scott Pilgrim is.I'm not much a reader,you see.

La-Surrealiste-- *smiles* good to know you're back.

illyria--pleasure to have you back.
this place is rat infested now as you can see.I will be a Pied Piper one of these days and clean the place.till then, genuine readers please bear.

anonymouses--enjoy( as long as it lasts)

Anonymous said...

oh gawd, sasha are you gonna shut us out?

I object to "rat infested"

so rude!

Anonymous said...

btw, u dont have any genuine readers.

we mousies are more honest than your 1 off readers who come here by chance.


Rude sasha!

Anonymous said...

hey sahhaaaa

we mouses like you

we may not like your blog
your writing makes no sense at all

and who hell is scoll_pilgrim?

he sure sounds a creep like that raj_mouse and cam_mouse

and pied piper is gay

but sasha is a he-man

he can tolerate mouses and all

who de fuck is scott_pilgrim?

Anonymous said...

ikkadara_mousie, we are fast reaching 60 comments yaa.

Anonymous said...

sasha did you know pied piper wore tights like peter pan.

very tight tight.

you wont be able to breathe haa




Anonymous said...

we must give him 100 comments.
may be then he will adopt us mousies.

we will live mousily ever after with our HE-MAN SASHA.


Anonymous said...

raj and lata sitting on a tree

k i s s i n g

and Ashes

S p y i n g on them like a perv!

hee hee

Anonymous said...

yaahahahaha get a load of dis.

la surrealiste wrote some high fundoo post and this is the comment she received:

bernard n. shull said...
hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link


Anonymous said...

50th comment.

10 more to go.

Anonymous said...

la-surresalise wrote about nzinzse and veseliv what-de-hell.

who de fuck are dese people?

de only russian i know is gobar-chor

ask surrealiste if she knows dat russian men can get it up n hard even in cold

really hard n hot

Anonymous said...

why mouses like sasha?

1. he is not like some divas K
2. he does not keep answering each n every comment and spend half his day on blogs
3. he honors gutter dwellers mouses
4. he does not call mouses as "gutter-boi"
5. he has hotttt friends like de-vile.
6. his blog friends la_surreal and illy are equally nonsensical
7. his friends like rex_venom have nice pictures in their blogs
8. he does not get genuine comments for what he writes. only mouses comment.
9. he can not write anything other than death, melon collie (it is melancholy, u ass!!), despair and constipation.
10. he does not brag about books that he read or the music he did hear
11. jiimy mouse does keep visiting here

sandeip said...

aint the ickle mousies amusing!!

Anonymous said...

hey sandu,

wat is cowbaxi...sounds like there was lot of gobar left after ur last meeting. u ppl ate too much haa. why u have 0 comments? if you allow us, we will provide you with 100 comments

Anonymous said...

sandu are you the one in white kurta smoking hukkah? ha? baddddd for enviroment and you telling u cowbaxi people.

cows cant take smoke ya. bad for inhalation.

Anonymous said...

ikkara does this sandu, deville, surry, know how to respond to ashes a.k.a. sashes' posts? i mean how do they understand what he means? I tried to read but stopped midway in the first sentence and came straight to comment here about my day.

sandu u liar did you really understand this post? i kinda doubt you.

De.vile said...

Going out with a bang? It's ok if you are dull throughout I suppose, people will wipe off the trail for you.

Also, I would like to let you know I'm not hot. I am cold and conversationally dull but I do have some questionably bright underwear. I use it to blind horny men and save my virginity

sandeip said...

~~ickle mousies acted funny,
they thought it was cool;
outta their holes and messing around,
they forgot the basic rule.

so,they dressed up and made a noise,
and had a party in hats,
but,going dressy they forgot their pants,
and got screwed by the cats~~

get the message,ickle mousies?rats should watch mind their holes before getting out of them

Anonymous said...

just in case sandu gets stuck in our hole.

Anonymous said...

deville i am color blind

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